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"It is the Decision to Go, that is, in itself, Entirely Intrepid" 



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"That’s what we’ve got to bring to the challenges at hand, not waiting to be convinced that we’re needed, but proceeding as if we are. Your insignificance has been horribly overstated.”

Applications Open for 2023

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT applying before you have:


  • Gotten a good sense of this work.

  • Read these pages

  • Confirm that you will can commit to most call times.

  • Confirm that you will participate fully.

  • Confirm your English is fluent enough..

  • Confirm that you have suitable technology.

  • Confirm that you have access to the internet.

  • Installed Signal App on your cell phone.

AND . . . had an informal phone call to meet us.


Still here? Great!

If you are pursuing an application, scroll down the page to continue. Begin preparing your application document. Use word or a PDF.

When you have completed the questions on this page, send the document you created. And we are happy to answer any questions you have along the way.



Apprenticeship | Apply
Waiting Area

"I have given you


opportunity to choose,

So choose

whether to die

on my chest

Or on the pages

of my poetry"

Nizar Qabanni

This is the first part of your application document. 


Name and approximate or exact age 

  • Phone number

  • Signal phone number if different from above

  • Facebook name if applicable

  • City and Country



ALL RELEVANT information about your life and health circumstances.

AND give us a sense of your employment / education experience and current status.



Ask TWO independent people who know you.

(Examples at right)

1. A mentor or advisor

2. A trusted friend

Include their letters.



Apprenticeship | Apply
Waiting Area

I was already a ruined beginning.

Even Buddha and I sat in bewilderment,

Before we saw real wanting.


Where are you arriving from? Help us get to know you.

The questions are open to interpretation and scope. Answer in your own way. About 50 to 100 words for each question is fine. Add art if you are inclined. There is no wrong way to answer the questions. Just be yourself.


  • Tell us about a time you have contributed to a group . . . what kind of a team member are you?

  • How has homelessness affected your life?


  • How have stories affected your life?

  • What is your leadership experience and style?


  • What did you have to fight for and how did the battle go?

  • What have you gone through that you had to accept?


  • What do you think you've gotten from your ancestors?

  • What do you think you owe your ancestors?



  • How has magic affected your life?

  • How do you see the tensions between truth, loyalty, protection?

Where to?


Apprenticeship | Apply
Waiting Area

"Their long suffering apprenticeship has demanded something royal from them, and it is precisely this regal bearing which engenders the grace required to rescue that which is royal from the secret caretaking of the dragon, itself another royal creature."

Medicine Without an Expiry Date

Help us understand why this program is a good thing for YOU

There is no "correct way" to answer. Just be yourself.


  • What is your current idea about how to apply this work?


  • Discuss the 5 elements in terms of your affinities and difficulties with their energies, and where you see that your work is with them.


  • What is your wound, and what does it make you sensitive and smart / streetwise about? How does this relate to your purpose?


  • Describe your current practices of self care / spirit work. and what practices you think would be good to take up.


  • Do you have a current style of healing work that you do?

Wild Genius | Apprenticeship | Apply
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