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STEP INTO WATER: Language of Movement STUDIO



4 Sundays - [6 hours]
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
24 hours session time

$600 CAD equivalent


Physically explore the complex interaction of the primary and native human abilities of movement, memory, perception, emotion, and imagination. Learn to create both ordinary and extraordinary states of consciousness and orientation to circumstance. 

Leaders and Healers: This work will augment your present practice with discernments not usually discussed or recognized and enable you to clarify the references that your work currently relies upon.




Kinetic Connection is a body of physical practice that develops self facilitation skills intricately in the realms of emotion, imagination, habits, perception, personal history, allegiances and impulse—using movement and facilitated discussion in the group of participants.

Do you feel deeply?

That's a difficult gift.

"I've opened up into areas of myself that I had closed off, and have been able to lift some huge and painful blocks in my life. I have gained new practical tools for expressing and moving through any feeling or reaction in a way that is not only useful, but also fun and enjoyable! The sessions have reminded me of my wild expressive ability, which is core to who I am. That in turn is transforming my relationships, and making more clear my heart's calling for my purpose and work in the world."

Draegon Loretta Laurin

Yoga / Dance Instructor

"My sense is that there is great need today for more personal and interpersonal transmythic avenues for present event perception and communication among ourselves; for increased ways for people to more directly experience themselves and each other across boundaries of age, race, sex, and culture etc."

David MacMurray Smith
Fantastic Space


Suitable for

Beginner to Advanced
Leaders and Facilitators
Movement specialists
Therapists and Healers

Storytellers and Actors

Lovers of Learning

Suffering Souls

Admission Details 

Admission by Interview

(Basic mental and physical health is a prerequisite)
12 Participants Maximum

Group size is limited to allow      for depth of work)
Suitable for mature

(The work requires a high level of commitment)


Prepare appropriately for sessions involving movement and expression.
Bring a snack for the break.

Recommended Reading

Chapter 6 (free download)

Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble

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This work provides the opportunity to investigate multiple phenomenon such as emotion, voice, imagination, movement and interaction simultaneously in a "high risk/low stakes" studio environment.

  • Emotional expression

  • Swings between agony and ecstasy and high and low affect

  • Skill in transitions between tasks

  • Laban Movement Efforts movement analysis

  • Access to willingness and state change

  • Articulating the apparent and the actual

  • Allegiances, taboos, and historical permission in the body

  • Four f's and biological memory imperatives

  • Extending ability and capacity for resiliance

  • Principles of arena, ringmaster, scope, theme, ensemble

  • The tolerance for being observed

  • Stereotype, character, emotional cocktails

  • Imaginative worlds and masks

  • The "argument structure" of habits and styles

Our ability to self observe can be called our inner "Ringmaster" (a term borrowed from circus work), who can develop an increasing tolerance and capacity to navigate the complexity within various arenas in which we act. The work is about skills of embodiment, and has roots in theatre work and indigenous culture.

The sessions begin with a check in among members of the group. By its nature, the curriculum is principle centred and responsive to the emergent curiosity and inquiries that the group members are drawn to.

Principles, frameworks of reference, and tasks are introduced, and participants then work on their own mats to explore impulse, movement, sound, and self observation. We return to circle for review and reflection on experiences.

As foundational references are understood, additional discernments and exercises are introduced, including interactive ones in the "meeting corridor." The intent is to develop an extensive vocabulary about events and experience that allows for more directly experiencing events, others, and ourselves.


The nature of the work permits and demands that each participant is working at their own level on the tasks, exploring at their own pace.

For this reason, it is appropriate for both professional movement leaders, instructors, or performers as well as those who are simply curious about their own structures of permission, emotional and imaginative life, or ability to express meaningfully.

The foundational skill of kinetic release provides the opportunity for the release of held tensions and increase capacity and breadth of response.


​This is a practical way to come to terms with the human nature we express as habits, biological imperative behaviour, and personal allegiances and taboos, to better manage transitional moments by more fully inhabiting ourselves.

Additional Reading on this topic:

Read about the courses offered by my mentor and colleague David MacMurray Smith in his Vancouver studio Fantastic Space to gain a perspective on the goals of this work.

Follow the Link >


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