Personal Benefits

If you are experiencing a lack of the sense of home, Earth events provide a healing balm and will open new abundance.

Improving Skills for Facilitators & Healers

Welcoming is an issue for every person that comes to your practice. Add to your toolkit with an indigenous perspective.

Hosting an Event?

Do you see some need for more education and healing with the issues of welcoming in your community? Get in touch!

An unexpected teaching, a longed for respite, a calling forth, as always, of the wisdom of grief, the healing of praise, and especially drawing on the  natural abundance of Earth.


Ritual working to create a new sense of home, a blessing for the unrecognized, a welcome for the as-yet-to-be welcomed home.

An essential medicine in a time orphange and displacement.

When the centre of culture and nature are in trouble, healing comes from the edges.

Your return is valuable to community .

Are you feeling exiled?


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Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble

Episode 1

Vastly Through Another World

Programs for the Healing Power of Welcome from the Element of Earth

The Genius of Exile and the Crisis of Deformity

[Residential Weekend — Friday 19h00 — Sunday 15h00 local time]

In the residential weekend, we get the opportunity to live in a "temporary village," delving into a mysterious healing. As always, a story is to be told, songs are to be sung, and music is to be made as we weave the tapestry that can take us deep into the liminal space of ritual on the Saturday night before the arc of return on Sunday.

A Great and Precious Loneliness

In these one on one sessions, I'll listen, and give you some practical tools for wrestling with the demons of exile.

A Long Journey Always Coming Home

[Non-Residential Saturday 09h30 — 21h30 local time]

  • Understanding modern exile from an indigenous perspective

  • The indigenous view of community and healing

  • Contacting abundance eco-logically

  • Introduction to the Dagara culture Elements cosmology

  • Rituals of welcome

Mysteries of the Ground Under Our Feet

[Initiation Intensive — Thursday 19h00 — Sunday 15h00 local time]

The Earth initiation is offered as part of the Apprenticeship program and has an open admission as well.

Admission by interview and limited to 16.


"There is an intense beauty that comes from his humanity. There is a deep struggle that comes with the territory of his work, the place of crossed traditions, hurt cultures and human relationships. He is the Listener and the Translator. I value Randy's ability to give voice to the unspoken and forgotten. I respect his answer to the world's call for community, justice, recognition of the Indigenous and of the need for change. It is his wisdom, humour, experience, and compassion that makes him a powerful leader."

Anna Czapiewska

Community Development

“The family in Africa is always extended. So your cousins are your sisters and brothers. Your nieces are your children. Your uncles are your fathers. Your aunts are your mothers. Children are encouraged to call other people outside the family mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.”

Sobonfu Somé


Upcoming Events

  • Mysteries of the Ground | WA
    Denmark Western Australia
  • The Genius of Exile | UK
    United Kingdom
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Welcome Home—Medicine of the Earth Element

Dr. Malidoma Somé

Author, Initiated Elder and Diviner of the Dagara Tribe,

Burkina Fasso,

West Africa

 In places that I have been to speak to people about the beliefs and realities of the indigenous world, there has been a consistent number of people who have been so touched, even profoundly shaken by what I was telling them that I have to believe that I was not so much appealing to their minds as I was awakening something within their souls — something that has always been there. This tells me that there must be an indigenous person within each of us."

Malidoma Somé

Indigenously, community must include three different kinds of members—human beings, the Elements, and the Other World. This last one includes ancestors, and what might be called archetypal energies by modern psychology. Here, the Elements are the five Elements of the Dagara cosmology. Communication between all is necessary, because they all live together, they are all part of the world.

In this context, ritual is an essential ongoing part of the life of community. Indeed, without ritual, there can be no true community. Plant medicines are currently in vogue as a method for opening the doorway of communication to elements and the spirit world. However in the modern setting, there is a danger of using the doorway of plant medicines as a kind of consumer entertainment, without any clear responsibilities to contribute the message to community upon return. Most indigenous cultures actually use rhythm to open the “doors of perception,” and also recognize dreams as message holders. Skills of working with consciousness through ritual without substances are demanding, disciplined, and embodied practices, but not out of reach for the modern person.

Ritual is not at all, in this sense, daily habits, or repeated mindless re-enactments based on fearful taboos. Rather, it is an exciting conversation carried out between the Other World, humans, and the elements. The language, as mentioned above, can be in rhythm, dance, art, song, emotion, story, intuition, trance, divination, healing. It is a language with a history, a validity that is shown effectively, practically, through its ability to create intimacy amongst members of community.

When we speak about Earth medicine, as with all the elements, we can look to the qualities of Earth herself. Knowing that we are all permanently welcomed by the fact of gravity, looking to the evidence of generativity, and generosity of the Earth, we can see that there is an expectation for a reliable expertise on abundance and welcoming if we see the Earth as a kind of Elder on these matters. She can be a consistent teacher if the human community will engage in the conversation and seek the guidance for bringing forth abundance and inclusion amongst the human people.

Additionally, Earth medicine must necessarily come from the initiatory ground of understanding death and grief. Our great love for the world, for everything and everybody that we care for, is a reckless project destined to end in loss. We love them anyway, and that grief/praise is the ground of real community, the need for ritual, the necessity of gathering despite the storm, to put losses down, to pick up the living and to celebrate what is being born and thriving or suffering. Ritual is about love.

It must necessarily come from the ground of understanding death and grief. Our great love for the world, for everything and everybody that we care for is a reckless project destined to end in loss. We love them anyway, and that grief/praise is the ground of real community, the need for ritual, the necessity of gathering despite the storm, to put losses down, to pick up the living and celebrate what is being born and thriving or suffering. Ritual is about love.

Deep Scholarship

"Belonging" by Toko-pa Turner.

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Much of our modern trouble could be said to be born of a lack of initiation in modernity, initiation being one type of ritual. The old idea of initiation as described by Joseph Campbell was of a three stage process of separation, exile and return. Modernity still sends people (often simply be virtue of their differences) into kinds of separation and exile, but does not help people return well—leaving in its wake untold stories of displacement that poison the carrier.

Experiences of exile are meant to awaken unique viewpoints and medicine that should be brought back as leadership and guidance. This welcoming back is the essential medicine and teaching of the Earth element, and the wisdom of wide inclusion means that it takes a village to welcome properly. It is this welcoming, this recognition that a person has undergone trials and come back changed, come back carrying something of value to share with the community that completes the cycle of initiation, that one may truly begin to share the wisdom and medicine initiation has begun to awaken.

This type of welcoming is the medicine of earth in its most potent form.