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Friday 19h00 to 22h00

Saturday 09h30 to 21h30

12 hours session time

$225 CAD equivalent

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Returning from intense life changing experiences should be acknowledged as a community crisis to welcome a changed person. Without it, the soul feels an ongoing grief, bewilderment and isolation.

Initiatory journeys are meant to be suffered in the service of bringing back something valuable to community. In this passageway, we will explore that through ritual, story, poetry and ideas to reconfirm the the wisdom of radical welcoming.




An unexpected teaching, a longed for respite, a call to arms. A training to call forth the abundance of Earth and the natural generosity of people.


A ritual to create a new sense of home, a blessing for the unrecognized, a welcome for the as yet to be welcomed home.

An essential medicine in a time orphange and displacement.

When the centre of culture is in trouble, healing comes from the edge.

​That’s a welcome opportunity.

Are you a misfit?


"There is an intense beauty that comes from his humanity. There is a deep struggle that comes with the territory of his work, the place of crossed traditions, hurt cultures and human relationships. He is the Listener and the Translator. I value Randy's ability to give voice to the unspoken and forgotten. I respect his answer to the world's call for community, justice, recognition of the Indigenous and of the need for change. It is his wisdom, humour, experience, and compassion that makes him a powerful leader."

Anna Czapiewska

Community Development

“The family in Africa is always extended. So your cousins are your sisters and brothers. Your nieces are your children. Your uncles are your fathers. Your aunts are your mothers. Children are encouraged to call other people outside the family mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.”

Sobonfu Somé


The old idea of initiation as described by Joseph Campbell was of a three stage process of separation, exile and return. Modernity still sends people (often simply be virtue of their differences) into kinds of separation and exile, but does not help people return well.

  • Understanding modern initiatory experiences

  • An indigenous worldview of community

  • Fate and Destiny battling in our lives

  • Logos versus Eros

  • Ritual of Welcome and Return


The experiences of exile are meant to awaken unique viewpoints and medicine that should come back into the tribe to be metabolized as healing and updating of traditions. Instead, almost everyone has some feeling of being a "misfit," of not being recognized. Only rarely are journeys seen as bringing leadership and guidance back.


Extreme examples are veterans who return from theatre, refugees fleeing violence, victims of childhood trauma or life trauma like illness. Even grief in the course of normal life—deaths, failures, loss—can leave a person feeling not understood. In the African idea of Ubuntu—"I am because we are"— these experiences are sacred and worthy of deep publication, not silencing.


We can learn from the Earth, who extends a constant welcome and permanent home to all her inhabitants. Our task on this day is to affirm worthiness, welcoming stories old and recent. We will award each other with the recognition that always bears repeating.


As always, there is a story to be told, words that need to be spoken, songs that need to be sung. This is a full day with all the practicality of ritual to effect a strengthening and healing of the soul. You really can "come as you are."

Additional Reading on this topic:

"Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home"

Toko-pa Turner 

True to the titled promise, this book is a recognition of modern lostness and an incantation of healing.

Suitable for

Beginner to Advanced

Leaders and Facilitators

Therapists and Healers

Lovers of Learning

Suffering souls

Admission Details 

Come as you are!

Limited to 30 Participants

Accompanied children are

   welcome at no charge


What to bring:

  • Notebook,

  • Comfortable clothes— there may be outdoor time

  • Water bottle

  • Cushion, yoga mat, blanket for comfort

  • Box lunch — snacks provided

What to prepare:

  • A contribution for the potluck feast (described in workbook)

Recommended Reading

Chapter 13 (free download)

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