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Like the community circles practiced throughout the world, we too will call and gather the more-than-human to aid a process of confirming earned wisdom and blessing the radical innovation that is needed in the world today.

Leaders and Healers: Now is the time to reorder our modern mechanistic world view and teach the tools that will grow true Eldership.

Even before Eldership is fully understood, you are being called to carry out its tasks.




This is traditionally a job called "Eldership" but one which in these days falls to anyone of any age who cannot turn away from the truth, is willing to weep, and wrestles with the question— "What is to be done?"


World over, the human heritage has dealt with crisis by forging an alchemical partnership between the heat of youth and the insulation of old. Renew this timeless necessity.

Do you hear the Old Voices calling?

That sets you apart.

You are being called to lead, to mentor, to be the ear for trouble and a voice for guidance.


Navaro Franco

Professional Percussionist

"After centuries of silence and in hiding, the powers and wisdom of the ancestors are rising up to lead the world into the next level of consciousness and spirituality. Africa is not just the birthplace of mankind, it is also the repository of profound unseen powers and technologies on standby to contribute to a radical healing change much needed in the world today."

Malidoma Somé

Suitable for 

Beginner to Advanced
Lovers of Nature
Sufferers of Eco-Anxiety
Leaders and Facilitators
Movement specialists
Therapists and Healers

Storytellers and Actors

Admission Details 

Admission may be specific       at some events

Limited Enrolment at some


Accompanied children are

   welcome at some events


What to bring:

  • Notebook,

  • Comfortable clothes— there may be outdoor time

  • Water bottle

  • Cushion, yoga mat, blanket for comfort

  • Box lunch — snacks provided

What to prepare:

  • A contribution for the potluck feast (described in registration)

Recommended Reading & Audio 

Chapter 1 (free download)

Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble

Link to you tube (1 hour)

Meet other people interested in Eco anxiety triage

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Global warming, loss of species and attacks on cultural diversity continue to increase, causing those who care to lose energy. It is crucial to begin heeding what leaders from many diverse origins are saying—we must reinvigorate the dying modern paradigm of nature domination with a radical connection to the indigenous. In this event:

  • An indigenous perspective on global warming

  • The task of reweaving culture and nature

  • Making grief serve as an accurate guidance system

  • How traditional myth instructs us to deal with large powers

  • Leader and mentor field kit for survival and thrival

  • Finding the courage to bless and true permission

  • Your elemental strengths and weaknesses as a leader

  • Practices of change yoking inner and outer

  • Ritual | Divination​

What would it look like to spend even a night and a day working within the world wide tradition that insists that when trouble arrives, it is time to call a meeting between the humans, the great unseen powers of the world (ancestors, elements, spirit) and finally, with the third member, nature herself. What kinds of communication can be understood so we not only "understand" intellectually, but "get it"?

One fantastic and provocative idea that comes from indigenous traditions world wide is that trouble in this world can only be healed in the Other World, and that trouble in the Other World can only be healed in this world. Let us meet on this day to investigate what that could mean, and how it could affect outcomes.

We've been subject to the framework of discussion that the modern capitalist money system has imposed, and we need to take a step outside of it to look back critically—indigenous wisdom has something to contribute, but it will require an experiential immersion in those different ways of thought to begin to activate its incredible potential.

These events are tied together through the theme of contacting ancestral energies, which in the West African Dagara cosmology are considered to be in the element of Fire. Events are each unique, ranging from Ancestral Work to Men's Weekend to Reconciliation Between the Genders to Divination Training.

"The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise

by Martín Prechtel

His most recent book following the indigenous sensibility of ecology to include the intelligence of grief and praise as guiding features for cultures.

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