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Personal Benefits

Whether you are in a state of change, under attack, or striving under a condition of quest, the old myths are willing to share a map of the situation if you can learn how to listen to them and interpret the guidance.

Improving Skills for Leaders & Facilitators

In a time where there is little guidance from Elders or mentors, your ability to think mythically  can help clients reorient themselves in circumstances of challenge.

Hosting an Event?

Has your community caught the craze for myth and story? I'd love to meet you!

That’s a prescription for trouble.

Do you hear destiny whispering?​

If you turn away from the whispers you will be cursed to the half life of fate.

There are maps to help you survive in the storehouse of treasure left by the ancestors — the old myths. The Other World wants you to thrive. But first you have to survive. Initiation is shaped by the troubles of  this world. And secretly guided by the wily wisdom of the ancestors.

Your life is at risk, and

the old mythic stories know all about your condition.


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Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble

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A Thousand Books of Histories

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Programs for the Healing Power of Myth from the Element of Mineral

Down at the Crossroads

In these one on one sessions, I'll listen, and regale you with some mythic perspective, scraps of story and practical homework.

A Word of Skill

[Initiation Intensive — Thursday 19h00 — Sunday 15h00 local time]

Directed toward those who work seriously with healing, leadership, or storytelling—or want to. This will be an intensive study of how myth and the work of the "storycarrier" can be used diagnostically and prescriptively for orientation within times of trouble.

Admission by interview and limited to 16.

Foxes Leaping in Our Eyes

[Non-Residential Saturday 09h30 — 21h30 local time]

The life purpose is a given destiny, that battles with fate to uncover its deep mission of contribution and healing. This day will delve into a ritual process to uncover serious and hilarious news about the Medicine Name that is due honour to the inner wild genius.

The Gift at the Tree of Forgetting

[Residential Weekend — Friday 19h00 — Sunday 15h00 local time]

  • Reciprocity and "feeding the story" for the Songlines

  • Fact finding, magic, intuition and feeling

  • Relationship between wound, genius and boundaries

  • The gift of genius and the large powers of the world

  • Reaching for Eldership in modernity


“His ability to connect modern experience with ancient mythology make him a wonderful ally to have on your spiritual journey. Jones is expert at guiding others through their confusing experiences of grief, anger, ecstasy and the whole array of human emotion. The space he creates allows people to express themselves in a healing way.”

Tony Alferez

IT Executive

The storycarrier has to have lived through the stories enough to be able to “answer” anything that emerges from the story. This doesn’t mean “to have an answer to a question,” but more means, “to be able to listen to the grief or rage that comes out of hearing a story properly."

Medicine Without an Expiry Date


Upcoming Events

  • The Gift at the Tree of Forgetting | WA
  • Foxes Leaping in Our Eyes | WA
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The Voice of Myth and Purpose — Mineral Element

"What is this?" asks Lyra in Phillip Pullman's trilogy

"His Dark Materials."

In the indigenous imagination, a person's fate is written by circumstances of birth, but their destiny is the stamp of particular potentials, inclinations, and passions native to the individual. The troubles, challenges, and wounds you have experienced are a key to this life purpose. The healing process of becoming whole redeems the wounds of fate, transforming them into the street-wise savvy of the wild genius. Overcoming the circumstances of fate is only half of the work. The second half is undergoing the initiation of activating the mission and the destiny of life purpose.

The Dagara see an intimate connection of the structured, faceted aspect of life purpose as being connected to the Mineral Element. Structure is the scaffolding of memory and hence, of myth and story. Mineral people are potentially guides, storehouses, Storycarriers and organizers. People more naturally aligned with the other Elements appreciate the insights that can be given by a well-educated Mineral person.

"It's an alethiometer.
It tells the truth.
You are meant to have it.
It is of the utmost importance
to yourself,
to all of us,
and perhaps to all creation."

In this sense, the care of life purpose is a charge of the Mineral element. Your voice is your own personal and one of a kind knowledge about the waters of life and the waters of death, and that knowledge is a medicine that community needs. The trouble you’ve survived makes you a potential expert in dealing with that kind of trouble, and therefore a trustworthy, credible guide for others.

Your own redeemed trouble will have a grand idea to give a certain healing to the entire world, It is that generous. But this is not possible for one person. That longing inevitably gets tempered by the understanding that your "medicine" needs allies, even allies who do things differently than you. Different medicines, the style they are delivered in, can help in other situations where you cannot.

The voice of the wild genius in a person may be silenced and hidden behind conditioning or trauma. Releasing this voice is of life and death importance from a Mineral perspective. Talking about it in this way, your "voice" is your medicine, what you create; what you particularly and uniquely bring to the perennial job of revitalizing culture. It can show up in diverse ways in a life, but also tends to be a unifying factor. Your own healing is pointing toward becoming a healer.

Deep Scholarship

"The Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of the Soul"

Michael Meade

A classic, and still by far the best book connecting myth with the contemporary work with ritual for modern issues.

Buy direct from author:

The wild voice can be a revolutionary urge—it wants to create reform, it doesn't want to put up with the status quo. This can cause it to burst out in an explosive energy that can cause destruction. Seeing injustice, it can want to tear everything down and start anew. Dealing with this volatile energy, and bringing it to maturity, can be called the business of initiation, or initiatory work.

Mythic traditions the world over contain blueprints for initiation and healing, this is why work with story is so valuable. Storycarriers are meant to be the community guardians of not only the stories, but of the understanding and training of interpretation and application. Storycarriers see the potential ritual within the story itself and can prescribe with refined sensibility. So it is not storytelling as entertainment.

In these events we will work with a story from the canon of Northern European traditional myths, which never contain a simplistic "moral of the story." Rather, myth shines understanding on perennial challenges and complexities that are faced by each new generation. 5000 year old tales turn out to be extremely up-to-date. These events are certain to uncover some of the unmentionable and unspeakable, yet very contemporary, topics of trouble, loss, challenge, and betrayal, as well as the extreme beauty of the unique gifts and styles in the room.