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Friday Evening | 7 to 9:30pm

Saturday | 9:30 to 9:30pm

12 hours session time

$225 CAD equivalent

Also in Weekend Format


Whether you are in a state of change, under attack, or striving under a condition of quest, the old myths are willing to share a map of the situation if you can learn how to listen to them.

Leaders and Healers:  People you work with are living mythic journeys but in a time where there is little guidance from Elders or mentors. You can be one who can hear their truth, help them orient by enriching your own modality mythically.




That’s a prescription for trouble.

Do you hear destiny whispering?​

Your life is at risk, and

the old mythic stories know all about your condition.

If you turn away from the whispers you will be cursed to the half life of fate.

There are maps to help you survive in the storehouse of treasure left by the ancestors — the old myths. The Other World wants you to thrive. But first you have to survive. Initiation is shaped by the troubles of  this world. And secretly guided by the wily wisdom of the ancestors.


“His ability to connect modern experience with ancient mythology make him a wonderful ally to have on your spiritual journey. Jones is expert at guiding others through their confusing experiences of grief, anger, ecstasy and the whole array of human emotion. The space he creates allows people to express themselves in a healing way.”

Tony Alferez

IT Executive

The storycarrier has to have lived through the stories enough to be able to “answer” anything that emerges from the story. This doesn’t mean “to have an answer to a question,” but more means, “to be able to listen to the grief or rage that comes out of hearing a story properly."

Medicine Without an Expiry Date


Suitable for

Beginner to Advanced
Leaders and Facilitators

Therapists and Healers
Lovers of Learning
Suffering souls
Storytellers and Actors

Admission Details 

Open Admission
Limited to 20 Participants
Accompanied children are
   welcome at no charge


Bring what you have going on in your life or your dreams as material to work with during the series.

Recommended Reading

Chapter 11 (free download)

Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble

Meet other people on Mythic Journeys

Join the Forgotten Water secure online tribe to stay in touch and collaborate with other like minded souls.

Mythic traditions the world over contain blueprints for initiation and healing. The world over, storycarriers are meant to be the community guardians of memory, structure, and ones who can accurately see the purpose potential in the soul. This is not storytelling as entertainment.

  • Myth, dreams, quest, vision and "walking toward"

  • Reciprocity and "feeding the story"

  • Fact finding, magic, intuition and feeling

  • Elements of setting a "sacred space"

  • Journey through five different stories

  • Large powers: Giants, Ghosts, Elements

  • Discussions, small groups, sharing, ritual

  • Songlines and Longing lines

  • Dance and Trance in ritual space

  • Wounds redeemed and life reclaimed

Myth and story are as essential to human beings as sleep. In fact, they are meant to be a revelatory journey into the dreamtime that informs the ongoing activation of  a person's unique medicine of healing. Gathering with a devotion of attention and integrity will be an intensely personal doorway. Myth can reveal practical navigation to apply to the confusion of unrecognized and unguided initiations. 

Myth is a storehouse of wild knowledge, in every possible sense. In this series, we will work with the canon of Northern European traditional myths, which never contain a simplistic "moral of the story." Rather, myth shines understanding on perennial challenges and complexities that are faced by each new generation. 5000 year old tales turn out to be extremely contemporary.

The evenings are certain to uncover some of the unmentionable and unspeakable topics of trouble, loss, challenge, betrayal as well as the extreme beauty of the unique gifts and styles in the room. 

The series is an "act of initiation" confirming an orientation to your life purpose. It will draw attention to your own unique gift and style, confirm your wild creativity, and show you how to navigate trouble.

Additional Reading on this topic:

"The Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of the Soul"

Michael Meade

A classic, and still by far the best book connecting myth with the contemporary work with ritual for modern issues.

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