Trickster Wisdom and Necessary Transformation







Personal Benefits

Finding yourself involved with spirit and energies calls for an orientation that connects you with the empowerment and authorization of traditional knowledge.

Improving Skills for Leaders & Facilitators

Principles of good ritual working can be applied to client sessions and event design to augment your current practice.

Hosting an Event?

Are you connected with a group or community that could benefit from  some of the deep wildness of the nature Element? Let's talk!

Maybe your old soul knows the African wisdom that it takes a village to . . . do . . . anything

Do you naturally realize that challenges, whether global or personal, need something more than a "mechanical repair?" The sacred needs to be included in healing.

The indigenous sensibility of community is expressed through vibrant ritual that connects the human with the "other-than-human" of Nature and Spirit. Ritual is a needed contemporary elixir.

Are you devoted to working with ritual?

The world deeply needs your heartfelt skill.

Essential Preparation

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Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble

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Programs for the Healing Power of Transformation from the Element of Nature

Dancing on the Broken Edge of Forever

[Non-Residential Saturday 09h30 — 21h30 local time]

  • A short overview of the Trickster Traditions in healing

  • How humour works with the humours

  • Opportunity and Jeopardy in mythic context

  • The animal powers and the animist wisdoms

  • Rewilding the soul of activism

A Bridge Between Worlds

[Initiation Intensive — Thursday 19h00 — Sunday 15h00 local time]

A Ritual Leadership Initiation Weekend. Initiation as in beginning. Initiation as in the one-way doorway which cannot be returned through. It is the wild leadership weekend, admission by interview.

Coyote's Sticks and Loki's Bones

[Residential Weekend — Friday 19h00 — Sunday 15h00 local time]

A weekend with the nature clan is to call the unexpected, the delightful, the sometimes harsh light of truth and the redeeming power of both laughter and tears. Nature is he wild one in the Elemental world, the crossroads, and the opportunity for reversals longed for, anticipated, and sometimes life-saving.

Time Shall Not Go Dully By Us.

In the tricks and turns of circumstance, if the whelming threatens to be overwhelming, I'll give some clarifying feedback, restating the plain facts to aid you in groking the essentials.

"Ritual is the indigenous language to deal with the problem created by the tension between a necessary demand for wild genius and healing powers and in opposition to that, the caution of experience and healthy respect for trouble."

Medicine Without an Expiry Date:

Indigenous Remedy for 

Modern Trouble


Navaro Franco

Professional Percussionist


Upcoming Events

  • A Bridge Between Worlds | CA
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Trickster Wisdom and Necessary Transformation

"It is hard to see from the modern perspective that admitting to being in trouble or grief is a kind of leadership that shows the community where to go next. 
Complaints are not a sign of weakness or failure, but rather, if delineated more clearly, an accurate diagnosis of the prescription for healing."

Medicine Without

an Expiry Date

It is possible that you arrived here feeling the pain of challenges, and on the other hand, you might be a leader, or an emerging one, that is growing and interested in the kinds of things discussed here. Either way, those two impulses are connected.

Leaders face the task of continuing with their own development and healing and deepening their practice. Ultimately, that leadership is headed toward Eldership, which has standards of breadth and depth not called for by the modern world, yet absolutely necessary for the health of both culture and nature.

The facts of Eldership mean that your personal work will continue unfolding like layers of an onion being peeled. That's fine. Understand that this is normal. I know it is difficult to carry both the space holding of leadership and find the trust to be vulnerable in your own healing work. That is the way it is, and we will have to work through it.

On the other hand, you might be feeling, "This is what I am drawn toward, but I'm not planning to be a leader—I need these things myself!" Again, you are on a journey, and you will find that facing your own healing responsibly is a foundation of leadership that can change culture. Facing trouble, and surviving it, really living through it, is a thing that makes what could be called becoming "street-wise" about that exact kind of trouble. So your wounds end up being the very thing that holds the secret formula to your gifts. This is the kind of knowledge that can be called one of the examples of "Trickster Wisdom." Some other examples:

"The mythological trickster figure is the God of reversals, treachery, and unexpected betrayals . . . 
this “never—get—too—far—behind—or—ahead” energy is the source of the ecological principle of sustainability."
  • Feeling at home in any particular place only comes with feeling at home in the wide cosmos.

  • Voicing the true voice practically seems to necessitate listening to the unseen Other World.

  • Grief is a navigational guidance toward life founded on the knowledge of death.

  • Wild abandonment in trance is built from an ordered foundation and dedicated diligence.

  • Ritual is a "technology of community" with a surprising necessity for letting the marginal be at times marginal.

  • Tradition is meant to be disrupted and revitalized by innovation.

  • Going down into diversity and confusion is the only way to ensure true unity and clarity.

The warrior sees things through the eyes of battle, the adventurer sees things through the eyes of love. But eventually, the warrior will have to graduate to the study of love, and likewise, the adventurer will have to know and understand a thing or two about battle. That's the way it is, it can't be apologized for. That tension, that uncomfortable brotherhood and sisterhood of differences is implicit in the work of the Nature element energies..

Medicine Without

an Expiry Date

Both battle and love require the masculine powers of penetration or standing firm as well as the feminine powers of reception or enclosure. Either can be active, either can be in repose—doing and accepting are both necessary. The different flavours of energy in gender are inherent in nature, they are frequencies, not boxes or labels. Notice that the sun and the moon work together just fine. And remember there are many different forms that leadership can take in life. Parenting has a leadership component to it, for example.

Anyone who is in the many categories of "queer" is also welcome in this work. In fact, in some traditions, it is understood that the Other World doesn't even have a doorway of access without those weird people in the village. Etymologically, "weird" comes from the Celtic "wyrd," meaning "connected to the Other World. Queer is weird, goodly, and rightly so, and a reminder to celebrate the unusual in the everyday, and in the extraordinary.

Deep Scholarship

"Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of and African Shaman"

Malidoma Patrice Somé

The amazing autobiographical saga of Some's journey from a village in Burkina Fasso to the West, sent as an ambassador by the Elders of the Dagara tribe.

The Dagara consider the Nature clan people to be those associated with a particular knowledge of healing rituals. Nature clan people are particularly interested in knowing the truth of the situation—they work with clowning and joking around, but with the presence of a strong ringmaster  who is very aware of the different kinds of masks that are being worn, and that people wear. Consequently, it is a specialized kind of training and knowledge that is not for everyone, it is for those who find themselves at home in it.