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Evening and 2 Days

Friday 19h00 to 22h00

Saturday 10h00 to 22h00

Sunday 10h00 to 17h00

18 hours session time

$425 CAD equivalent

Every generation brings a new cohort of sensitive souls seemingly made for the demanding and dynamic vocation of serving as bridges between the human and the natural and spirit "Other Worlds."


These ones are drawn to the work of healing in the world.

They can't turn away from it.


This intensive weekend is designed as a primer, a blessing, a protection, and a grounding to give you an ability to proceed amidst the confusion of modern times when the deep old medicine of water is almost forgotten.




Maybe your old soul knows the African wisdom that it takes a village to . . . do . . . anything

Do you naturally realize that challenges, whether global or personal, need something more than a "mechanical repair?" The sacred needs to be included in healing.

The indigenous sensibility of community is expressed through vibrant ritual that connects the human with the "other-than-human" of Nature and Spirit. Ritual is a needed contemporary elixir.

Are you devoted to leading rituals?

The world deeply needs your heartfelt skill.

"Ritual is the indigenous language to deal with the problem created by the tension between a necessary demand for wild genius and healing powers and in opposition to that, the caution of experience and healthy respect for trouble."

Medicine Without an Expiry Date:

Indigenous Remedy for 

Modern Trouble


Navaro Franco

Professional Percussionist

Suitable for

Beginner to Advanced
Leaders and Facilitators
Movement specialists
Therapists and Healers

Lovers of Learning

Suffering Souls

Admission Details 

Open to individuals with a sincere interest in the work.

Limited to 20 Participants.

Course Objectives

  • Experience community ritual process.

  • Introduction to ritual design.

  • Empower participants with maps relevant to ritual.

  • Self care and authority in ritual settings.

  • Allowing for emotion and creating safety in ritual.

  • Clarify structures for evaluating future training opportunities in any tradition.

Certificate of Completion.

Required Reading

Chapter 10 (free download)

Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble


Please contact if you are interested in hosting this training event in your location.

Meet other people interested in rituals

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What if the question is seriously asked: "Can a ritual be done to help this situation?" Learn foundation skills for ritual making in the old way for modern issues. This program also serves as a pre-requisite for the extensive apprenticeship described on this site beginning in 2020.


In some traditions, everyone in the village takes the medicine recommended for the sick person. After all, that illness is a symptom of something hidden in the village, in nature, in spirit. A person is not meant to be isolated.


Ritual is the language that connects humans to the Other World of spirit and ancestors. Without including the Other World there can be no real healing, and no real community.

Come for this foundational, experiential, well-grounded introduction to the complexity and joy of creating meaningful ritual on a personal and community level. Some applications of the work include:


  • Grief

  • Reconciliation between the Genders

  • Issues of Welcoming

  • Wild Genius and Innate Gifts and Styles

  • Elemental Rituals for Community or Personal Strengthening

  • Authentic Conversation between Generations

  • Care for People Carers

  • Talking Circle / Conflict Facilitation

  • Divination, Astrology, and "Readings."

  • Rhythm and Song in Sound Healing


A call to ritual is militant defiance of the modern sicknesses of isolation and division, and a battle cry whose echoes can be heard by the next seven generations. This is that kind of travelling together. Ritual is a process to open the doorway to assistance from spirits, ancestors, allies.


A conflict, a loss, a graduation, a change, an issue, a longing, a need for initiation are all valid reasons to call for a ritual, but the skills of immanent and emergent ritual are rare to find in a modern context that "value fantasizes" about the transcendent and the established.

This is the old way of working . . . starting with a question, an issue, a concern . . . and including divinatory process as a guide rail for an activation of the ritual design process.​ The ritual is never a tired repeated script, rather it is a dynamic emergent adventure that reveals the authenticity of participants while drawing deeply on tradition. It is a conversation.

Learn from experienced ritual maker and story carrier Randy Jones, who has apprenticed and learned extensively over the past 25 years under such renowned teachers as Dr. Michael Meade, Dr. Malidoma Somé, Sobonfu Somé, David MacMurray Smith and others. Jones is also the author of "Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble." He is known and respected as a carrier of the medicine of Coyote, the switcher of perspectives with an outlandish sense of humor and a keen ear for trouble.


Additional Reading

The Healing Wisdom of Africa

Malidoma Patrice Somé

Malidoma's friendliest translation of Dagara indigenous sensibility for the ears of modern people.

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