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Tooth & Claw

Wherein the Apprentices become acquainted with initial instructions.

Excuse the quick copying of another page if you will be so kind and generous with your wit and understanding.


The code for the room of requirement page is strictly confidential. And the activities and conversations we will have are likewise, confidential. In order for the soul to have the confidence to confide, there needs to be a credible persuasion to trust (the Proto Indo European root is "bheidh," which is also the root of abide, faith, fidelity. We're off the cliff into big ideas right away, which is proper.

And then could it be inferred that the nature of the confidential should be that it is worthy? So shouldn't what you wrote for the application be shared in the group? Consider it. But know that you are protected by confidentiality. There will be more wrangling with this issue to come, we need to become opinionated and educated about it.

So, to business.

First up is the weekend Oceania online Grief Ritual. Perth time, Western Australia Saturday and Sunday, May 2nd and 3rd, 9:00am to 3pm both days. But even before that is the Free intro one  hour call, Saturday April 25, 9:00am to 10am.

For Vancouver folks the Free intro call is Friday night 6:00pm, and the weekend will be Friday night and Saturday night 6:00pm to midnight.

Instructions in next section below.


The world is so big—
Perhaps we could
volunteer . . . 
To step off the edge

How to sign up, support, and rabble rouse.

Sign up for the free online call from the Oceania webpage here on the site.

And then go to sign up as going on Facebook. If you can make a post describing your take on the need for grief work in this time, do it this way: Type your message, and mention my name, "tag" me so I can see it and give a thanks, and then copy the url to send people to the site.

Facebook free event:

Url of the website page to include in your post:

By the way, those are not live links here, copy and paste.

Now you are going to sign up for the weekend with a code to take 100% off the ticket price, and essentially register for free.

Go back to the oceania grief online page and click on the button for the weekend ALL FOUR SESSIONS. When you are registering, it does not matter which ticket price you choose, but when you get to the next checkout page, enter the code:



Important—hit the arrow beside the code so it turns green!

And yes, then please go to the Facebook event for the weekend, and sign up as "Going." Here it is.

By the way, the events can be found at the Facebook PAGE here:

Do I have little love for Facebook? Very little.

But the Maquis operated in Occupied  France in WW11.


And so we shall.


"Because one day you turned
Towards the centre
Which was not you
And you planted
Some seeds
Sang songs for the Holy"

Rachelle Lamb

"Rickety Spoke"


" . . . and all the time I was being carried by a great wind."


(Most)  Saturdays | 8:00 am to 9:30 am

GMT +8 | Australian Western Standard Time


(Most)  Fridays | 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

GMT -7 | Pacific Daylight Time

​On ZOOM for now.

First call:

Perth WA Saturday May 9 | 2020

Vancouver BC Friday May 8 | 2020

Set up on ZOOM as a recurring call:

PASSWORD:  Elemental
MEETING ID:  893-8269-7231


Your one-on-one coaching time

Details to be determined . . . 

But will be booked through the CONTACT page of this website—choose


"Book a Parley" then—


"Apprenticeship 50."


  • Before the first call, read:


Have a listen to Francis Weller on grief—assuming you have already listened to Martín Prechtel.


Yes, you have. Make sure.


In the long run, we are still doing all of this, keep it as a vision:

NOTE: In Person Events on Hold

  • Dancing on the Broken Edge of Forever

Nature — [1 day]

  • Honeyed Tears and Warning Growls

Water — [Weekend]

  • Ancestors, Roots, Identity

Fire — [1 day]

  • Foxes Leaping in Our Eyes

Mineral – [Weekend]

  • Mysteries of the Ground Under Our Feet​

Earth Initiation – [4 days—see below]


The focus of the year is the 4 day Earth Initiation:

Mysteries of the Ground Under Our Feet

  • Understand the structure of deep ritual

  • Participate as initiates and gatekeepers

  • Practice communicating about ritual

  • Radical Earth Healing and Initiation Ritual


Oh muse,
Must you strike
in morning rush hour?
In the midst of pancakes
cooking . . . school
lunches packing
lego pieces finding
Could you not come in the
Moments of the day
to whisper in my ear
your sweet kisses?

Rhawn Morgan


In the time of the "All Divided" — the "pan—da-mo" 

Some ground rules, some advice, some reflection:

Check your sources before reposting things on social media. Use reliable ones that are still hiring people with Journalism degrees. If "scientists" are being quoted, make sure they are real ones with real science degrees. Math matters—understand it, or let's learn together.

By way of saying, begin practicing now for the idea of community leadership, or if you are already there, then for eventual Practice Eldership, or if you are already there, then for eventual Eldership, and if you are already there, then thank you for carrying that weight.

One of the most profound injuries of modernity has been called the"Predator" which is a kind of hungry ghost that wants to take us out of the group and out of community. Isolated, we are weak prey. Don't let that happen, stay in touch. And when it does happen, reach out, the embarrassment will fade, the coming home will make you stronger. And the rest of us stronger. You are needed.

And we are in "expedition conditions." I mean, we were, we knew  that, and that is the point of the apprenticeship, and the point of the many pages of description—it is like that (probably apocryphal) advertisement that Shackleton supposedly took out—

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success."

Agility, the realistic, as opposed to the optimistic, or the pessimistic, managing the swing between rest and exertion, the "good companion on the road" skills, and a host of other likely virtues—well, we are going to have them put to the test, and it will be the days of field promotions and battle-readiness will be shown as the quaint idea it really is. But damn, we will have some moments of being alive.


"Life is sculpting you with 
hands of Love
This is the pathless path
This is the journey
into the Wild"

Maya Luna

"Into the Wild"